Answers and Information for Common Questions

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Information you should have ready before ordering:
*Phone number (the number we can best contact you at)
*Gate codes (if applicable, and please mention this after giving your address)
*Credit Card information

Minimum Amounts/credit cards

You can order any amount of any cookie flavor as you want.  
For example, you can order 1 chocolate chip, 3 sugar, 2 cookies 'n' cream.  You can order one of every kind if you want.

To be eligible for delivery, the minimum amount to order is $8.00. 
 This is before tax and delivery charge.  So, if you're only ordering cookies, six would meet the minimum (and after tax/delivery would come out to a little under $11).  Five cookies and one milk or four cookies and two cups of milk work as well).

The minimum amount to pay with a card for dine-in/take-out orders is $4.00.
This would be three cookies or two cookies and a drink.

For delivery orders the minimum amount to pay with a card is $5 
Say you and a friend want to pay some on a card, some in cash, or pay with two separate cards, well each card must be run for a minimum of $5, and there is a maximum of two cards per order/address.  To use more than two cards, you'd have to place a separate order that would have its own $8 minimum as well as its own delivery charge.
(keep in mind that the OVERALL total ordered must still exceed the $8.00 minimum to qualify for delivery).

Delivery fees and tips

There is a $2.75 charge for all deliveries
This helps to cover general overhead costs and is not a tip for the driver.

We recommend $2-$3 as being a standard tip for delivery drivers.  
For larger orders, or orders in which the driver must make extra effort (such as running through the rain, or let's say you have your phone on silent and the driver spends 5-10 minutes trying to get ahold of you), tipping a little more is encouraged and greatly appreciated.  Taking orders outside our area is at manager's discretion at the time of trying to place your order.  You are always welcome to come pick up the order :)

We will take orders outside our delivery area *sometimes*...
But it depends on how busy we are, how many drivers we have available, and where exactly the delivery is going.  Please understand that if we do make an exception one time, that we may not be able to do so again on a future order, depending on those factors.  

The order usually must exceed a higher minimum order, usually $16 before tax/delivery charge, sometimes higher.

There is an extra out-of-area fee  that ranges from $.50  - $1.50 (more if it is much further out of area). 

A tip of $4-6 is suggested for locations outside our delivery area.  For places located very well outside our delivery area, an automatic gratuity of at least $5 may be added.

There may be a $3.50 re-delivery fee to have orders re-sent out.
If  our driver cannot get ahold of you (such as no one answers the door and you don't pick up the phone), and has to return to the store with your order, you may be charged an extra $3.50 to have it sent back out.  So PLEASE keep your phone on you and make sure it is off silent!  If you get poor cell phone reception, please inform us when placing your order or provide us with an alternate number (such as a roommate's)!  Oftentimes if we experience trouble reaching you on more than one occasion, we may stop delivering to you or may require you to pay with a credit card with the understanding that if we cannot get ahold of you yet again, then you will not be issued a refund.

Looking to send someone cookies? (gift orders)
Due to the extra details needed, as well as the process we must take to set up orders being delivered to someone else as a gift, we ask that you call by 7:30 PM to set up an order being delivered as a gift that night.  

We sometimes can make an exception if we aren't too busy.

Please note that for gift orders placed later in the night, it minimizes our chances of making the delivery that night.  If we cannot get ahold of the recipient, we would not be able to refund the order and would push the delivery back to the next business day.

Because of the additional information we need, taking gift orders takes significantly more time, and remember that we aren't your typical bakery where we stand around waiting to sell our cookies that we baked last night.  We're more akin to a pizza place or restaurant with our own version of a "line cook" who is constantly making and baking cookies to order, so time is important, especially during peak hours.

To place a gift order, you will need to provide... 
*Your name and phone number

*Recipient's name and phone number

*Recipient's address (name of dorm is all we need for campus orders, not the full address)

*Your full credit card number and expiration date, as well an billing zip code.  Sometimes we may ask to provide a full billing address and/or that three-digit security code on the back of the card.  We currently do not accept American Express cards for gift orders.

*A preferred time slot.  
We offer two choices: 6 PM - 10 PM and 10 PM to close. 
On Sundays, we offer 3 PM to 9 PM, and 9 PM to Close.
On Saturday, we also offer 3 PM to 6 PM.  

If you call after 7:30 PM, there is a chance that we would not be able to make the first time slot.  If you call after 10 PM, please note that, because of the limited amount of time available, if we cannot get ahold of the recipient, no refunds can be issued and the delivery will be pushed back to the next business day.

If you have a more specific time frame, we will try our best to accommodate but cannot guarantee it;  it all depends on how busy we are at any given time and where other deliveries are going to (and when we are able to get in contact with the recipient).

 If the recipient is looking for a more specific time slot, we ask that you have them call us directly 30 minutes to an hour prior to the desired time (so if they want it around 8 PM, tell them to call us at 7:30 for a 8-8:30 arrival.)  Just have them tell us that an order was placed as a gift for them :)

We will call the recipient prior to making and delivering the order and must establish contact prior to making and sending out the order.
This is to ensure our driver can successfully make the delivery.  As much as you can "assure" us that the recipient is there, you never know if he or she may decide to step out and go somewhere else for a while. 

Plus, for many places (campus, gated complexes, and locations where parking is limited), the driver must call the recipient to meet them outside.  If  the recipient doesn't pick up his or her phone, we can't make the delivery.

If we are unable to make the delivery and we were not informed that it was going to someone else, there will be a $3.50 re-delivery fee to have it sent back out (And there would be an additional charge if you request to have the order baked again).  If we made the order and sent a driver out to the location only to have them return, there will be no refund.

We are available to deliver earlier/outside business hours, but we must have 48 hours notice and it would be subject to a higher delivery charge, minimum order amount, and an automatic minimum gratuity (typically ends up being a total minimum charge of $35-45). 

If we are unable to get in contact with the recipient, we will attempt to contact them the next business day.

"But I want it to be a surprise!"
We assure you that, even when we call them, it is still a surprise and they are just as happy.  This is how the phone conversations will go:

"Hi, is this [recipient's name]?"
"This is Midnight Cookies, and we are calling because someone has placed a gift order for you to be delivered tonight!"
"Oh really!?"
"Yes, and we are calling to confirm that you are currently at [recipient's address]."
"Yes I am"
"All right, and will you be there for the next 30-45 minutes?"
"Yes I will"
"Okay.  We will begin making your order in just a little bit and send it out.  It should be there in the next 30-45 minutes;  please keep your phone on you in case our driver needs to get ahold of you, and have a nice night!"
"Thank you very much!"

"I really don't want you to call them!"
Unfortunately, it is our policy.  Remember, we aren't like a flower shop where we'll have a smaller number of orders placed days in advance.  We're constantly getting orders in throughout the night for immediate delivery (much like a pizza shop).  Timing is very important in food delivery business, and things such as someone not answering the door or phone can throw it off significantly.

Also keep in mind that we are a late-night business.  If someone came knocking at your door at 1 AM, wouldn't you be a little suspicious and cautious?  We've had numerous instances in which it's obvious someone is home, but they don't answer because they don't know who it is and aren't expecting anyone.

Suggested Gratuity For Gift Orders (note: for orders outside our delivery area or outside normal business hours, a minimum mandatory gratuity will be added of $4.00-$10.00)
$3 for orders up to $20
$4 for orders $20-25
$5 for orders $25-30.
$6 for orders over $30.

You are welcome to tip more and it is greatly appreciated!


Any questions or comments?  Email me!
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