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Summer Hours of Operation
(subject to change without notice):

Monday - Thursday:
 6 PM - 1:30 AM

6 PM - 2:00 AM

3 PM - 2:00 AM

3 PM - 1:00 AM

Last orders taken 15 minutes before close!
(352) 371-3535

3345 SW 34th St, Suite 1 Gainesville, FL

Note for "Gift Orders" 
(If you are looking to place an order to be delivered to someone else)

Please call between 5 PM to 7:30 PM (or 2 PM and 7:30 PM on the weekends).   Please be reminded that "gift orders" cannot be guaranteed to be delivered at a specific time, but we do offer to timeframes for them to be delivered.  The arrival of the order will be determined by a number of factors, including where other non-gift orders are going, how busy we are, and if we are able to get in contact with the recipient.  

Be sure 
Visit our FAQ page for more information.

Midnight Cookies is Gainesville's very own.

We are locally owned, created, and operated.
We offer delivery to most of Gainesville, and we bake your cookies fresh to order when you crave them the most.

So don't bother bringing out the flour and teaspoons (and don't worry about figuring out the difference between baking powder and baking soda). 

 We got this.


We start with making our very own dough with a little ol' KitchenAid Mixer (or two, or three...) from our very own  recipes.  Other places often use premade and sometimes frozen dough.  Maybe they add a "super unique topping" and call it "original," but don't let them fool you.

We start with butter and sugar (sometimes vegetable shortening for vegan doughs).  And then we let our imaginations run wild.  We've got a core number of delicious flavors, but we sometimes like to go outside the cookie box, having created well over 60 flavors throughout the years.

Mrs. Fields, Otis, and even that Pillsbury Dough Boy--oh, what a delightful character he is!--haven't dared made cookies with pie crust mixed in.  Or pudding on top.  Or bacon mixed in AND on top.  Or chicken tenders.  (Grandma did one Christmas, but you know--and bless her heart and those $5 bills she still gives us for our 
birthdays--it just didn't quite taste... edible.)

After our cookie shaping machines known as our Awesome Kitchen Staff carefully portion our dough, we wait until you order.  Only *then* do we pop the delicious creations into the oven.  Then we serve them up to you.  Or often our delivery drivers bring them straight to you.  Nice and gooey, still a bit warm.

How do other places define "fresh baked"?  By baking them overnight perhaps, and then placing them on heating pads or popping them in the microwave, hoping the warmth can pass their factory-made dough as "fresh."  Or they don't even bother with serving them warm.  They let them sit there.  All.  Day.  Long.  Possibly absorbing the scents of pickles, onions, and that really awesome new vinaigrette!

(And while your new roommate from the Northeast is peachy keen and all, don't let them think "Oh, we have this back where I'm from!"  Promptly correct any misguided thinking as Midnight Cookies is solely a Gainesville institution.  We're only sensitive about this because we've been to said places in states up north.  And we were not only not impressed, but very very disappointed in that Sad Panda kind of way.

But hey, we don't bash all cookie places!  There's this one place in Phoenix, Urban Cookies.  Definitely put an O in the OMG.  Check 'em out.  Oh, and the Kitchen Sink cookie from Fresh Market here in Gainesville?  Definitely a guilty pleasure.